Mulain’s Guide to Make-up: Eyeliners


A lot of people ask us when, how and why they should use different types of eyeliners, we understand the problems that come with too much variety but once you’ve finished reading this you’ll be ready to use any kind of liner in any situation, be it pencil, kohl, liquid or gel!

Eye Pencils:


The easiest option for most women! You can get these to create natural definition or to create proper lines, they give you the most control. They can be waterproof and smudgeproof or smudgy. Most smudgeproof ones can be blended though only for a few seconds. The smudgy grease ones can be blended endlessly and need to be set with powder. We love: Ikonic pencils because they last long and don’t budge and MAC Smolder for blending.

Liquid Liner:

Not for the shaky handed! It’s great for sharp and precise lines but after some practice. Make sure to find one with great staying power because you don’t want raccoon eyes. These days you get ones in felt tip form which are so much easier to use than the original brushes.   We love: Colorbar’s Ultimate Pen Liner because it’s pigmented and super easy to use.

Cream Liner:

This baby is a jack of all trades! you can wear it smudged and blended for a smoky look or worn as a proper graphic liner. The only thing to watch out for is that they need to be set with powder so that they don’t move around.We love: Ben Nye Media Pro Eye Definer, it’s soft, super pigmented and easy to use.

Gel Liner:

Like cream liner, this is thick and creamy but since it is gel based it can only be blended for a certain period of time before it sets and won’t budge. Gel is best used with an angled brush to draw graphic, bold lines. We love: MAC’s Blacktrack for it’s soft consistency and Inglot’s gel liners for the amount of shades you can get!



Kohl or kajal usually comes in pencil forms and it is meant to be messy, smudgy and grungy! Great for a rock and roll smoky look. We love: Lakme kajal pencil because it’s cheap, pigmented and easily available!

We hope this guide helped you, most liners come in loads of colours that you can pick between and be creative with!

We hope you find the one you love although we do believe that every liner needs love and now you know how to give each one some much needed attention!

Happy Earth Day!!!

Monday MU-se: Miru Kim

Today’s MU-se is a New York based conceptual artist who has studied various urban ruins and scenes, places like subway stations, catacombs, tunnels, sewers etc. Her recent project is about the relationship between pigs and humans on hog farms.

She was featured as one of America’s Best and Brightest in Esquire magazine in 2007. Her work has been seen in The New York Times,, The Financial Times, ARTE France, NY Arts Magazine, The Korea Daily, VanityFair, Vogue Girl. Public collections of her work include Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art and Hana Bank. 

 Miru Kim’s work is overflowing with originality and unique, sometimes disturbing but it is art nonetheless!

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