Monday MU-se: Eddie Izzard!

Today’s MU-se, Eddie Izzard is one of Mulain’s heroes! He’s a is a stand up comedian, actor and writer who is also occasionally a transvestite. His style of comedy involves a lot of whimsical monologue and self referential pantomime. Izzard started his career as a street theatre performer, before becoming known nationally. He says that his biggest inspiration was Monty Python and John Cleese even refers to him as the Lost Python!

Izzard was named as one of the greatest comedians of all time and has appeared in countless movies like Across the Universe, Ocean’s 12 and 13, The Chronicles of Narnia etc. He’s also done many popular stand-up tours and shows like Dressed to Kill, Sexie and Stripped.

Apart from being hilarious, Izzard does a lot for various charities, education and is a political activist. He is an active member of the Labour party and is one of their biggest donors. In 2009 he ran across England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, a 1000 miles or 43 consecutive marathons to raise money for Sports Relief. Izzard was also a big supporter of the Better Together campaign.

Izzard is great at what he does and an amazing human being and we love him as does Mulain! We just had to make him a MU-se!

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