Monday MU-se: Cyndi Lauper

Known for her girl power party anthem, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, Cyndi Lauper was one of the biggest faces of the 80s! Her music was super contagious and her flamboyant clothes and hair made her an icon. She won a Grammy in 1984 and also took up acting in shows like Mad About You and That’s So Raven, she won an Emmy for the former.

Outside of music, Lauper is a tireless activist for LGBT, she established the True Colours Fund to promote awareness and fight for equality. Even through her album Hat Full of Stars, she took up difficult topics like domestic abuse and homophobia. We love lauper’s crazy 80s style and music plus her will to take up social and political topics through her charity and beautiful songs makes us love her even more!

@maybellineindia can’t wait to see the new AW 2014 Campaign!

Backstage madness

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